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Battlefield 4 5v5 Defuse Tournament Ruleset

Last Updated: October 28, 2013

Section 1: Maplist, Dates, and Times
Section 2: Server Configuration
Section 3: Match Sequence
  - Section 3.A: Match Communications
  - Section 3.B: Playing the Match
  - Section 3.C: Screenshots / Proof of Match Results
  - Section 3.D: Reporting Match Results
  - Section 3.E: Forfeit Wins and Make-Up Matches
Section 4: Unique Identifiers
Section 5: Cheating
Section 6: Scheduling
Section 7: Rating Points Index (RPI)
Section 8: Playoffs
Section 9: Rules Change Log

Section 1: Maplist, Dates, and Times

Week Date Time Map
Round 1 November 07, 2013 9:30PM EST Zavod 311
Round 2 November 10, 2013 9:30PM EST Siege of Shanghai
Round 3 November 14, 2013 9:30PM EST Operation Locker
Round 4 November 21, 2013 9:30PM EST Hainan Resort
Championship November 28, 2013 9:30PM EST Golmud Railway

Section 2: Server Configuration

Matches must be played on a server that is playable by both teams. Championship Gaming League is defines a "playable server" as a private server that incorporates the entirety of our server configuration with an average ping of no greater than 95 for both teams. In the event that your server is not "playable" the away team has the right to request playing on a different server, so long as they are capable of providing one to play on. The Championship Gaming League is a North American based league. Please note that while we do accept teams from outside of North America, servers hosting Championship Gaming League matches should be hosted in the United States.

Match Play Notes:
- Limit of one recon class per team
- No enemy sensor gear (T-UGs, MAV, Motion Sensors, etc)
- No Explosives except for throwable grenades (Claymores, C4, m320, rocket launchers, etc.)
- No slugs
- No M26 MASS

Server Configuration Variables:
vars.gamePassword "password"
vars.serverName "Championship Gaming League Match Server"
vars.bannerUrl ""
vars.serverDescription "CGL 5v5 Defuse Release Tournament Config"
vars.maxSpectators 0
vars.maxPlayers 10
vars.playerManDownTime 100
vars.bulletDamage 100
vars.idleBanRounds 0
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed false
vars.3dSpotting false
vars.miniMap true
vars.miniMapSpotting true
vars.killCam false
vars.autoBalance false
vars.3pCam false
vars.regenerateHealth false
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
vars.nameTag true
vars.hud true
vars.commander false
vars.forceReloadWholeMags false
vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled true
vars.alwaysAllowSpectators false
reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin false
vars.teamKillCountForKick 100
vars.teamKillValueForKick 99
vars.teamKillValueIncrease 0.01
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 10
vars.roundLockdownCountdown 20
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 10
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 0
vars.idleTimeout 900
vars.unlockMode "All"
vars.soldierHealth 100
vars.roundTimeLimit 35
vars.friendlyFire true
vars.serverType "PRIVATE"

Section 3: Match Sequence

A: Match Communications

Match Communications on the CGL website is considered to be the only recognized form of communication with your opponent. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that to avoid match disputes teams should use the match communications provided by the Championship Gaming League. You can find match communications after logging in and viewing the division page that you are participating in. A "Match Communications" link is provided on the right side for teams you are scheduled against during the current week. The match communications link will not appear if your team is not scheduled to play or if you are not on a team.

All team admininstrators have access to post contact information for opposing teams. It is highly recommended to post all reasonable sources of contact including email, IRC channels, Skype, AIM, and other sources that you regularly visit in order to make communicating with your opponent quick and easy. Please avoid posting any contact information for sources you do not regularly visit or can not be regularly contacted at. Example, avoid placing a Skype username if you rarely login to your Skype account.

All teams are responsible for making an effort in contacting their opponents. Please visit your opponents page on the CGL website in order to retrieve information on how they can be contacted.

In the event that no contact has been made, all matches are expected to be played on the default date at the default time.

B: Playing The Match

The match should be played on a "playable server" as defined in Section 2 of our ruleset with two teams of a combined total of eight eligible players in the server. Eligible players are defined as players registered on the Championship Gaming League who has joined the team scheduled for the specific match, and has a unique identifier shown that matches that of a player on the team on the CGL website. A team may play with less than five players if necessary.

A match not going to overtime will play 12 rounds total

Part 1: Teams will play both the attacking and defending side on the map of the week (6 rounds total).

Part 2: Teams will play both the attacking and defending side on the map of the week (6 rounds total).

Report the match based on round victories, example: 7-5.

Part 3 (Overtime): In the event that the score is tied (6-6), teams will play another 6 rounds on the map of the week. This will play out until a team ends a series of 6 rounds with more points than their opponent. Matches where overtimes remain tied after 6 additional rounds will go to an additional overtime set of rounds.

Report the match based on round victories, example: 10-8.

Unique Identifiers: Each team is responsible for verifying the Unique Identifiers of each player participating. No player without a Unique Indentifier, or without one listed on the teams roster, is allowed to participate in the match.

C: Screenshots / Proof of Match Results

All teams are responsible for providing an element of proof of the match if requested. It is recommended that all team leaders should take screenshots of the results of matches, including player scores. In the event a dispute is made, it may be necessary to provide that information to the Championship Gaming League. League admins will have the ability to make judgement calls on how to handle each dispute in the event that neither team can provide proof of the match results.

D: Reporting Match Results

The winning team is responsible for inputting match results into the Championship Gaming League link that applies. All members of a team are eligible to report the matches as necessary.

All matches are to be reported based on round wins (12 total in the event of a non-overtime match).

General Win with 12 rounds: 7-5
Match that extends to overtime rounds (one overtime): 10-8
Report forfeit win: 1-0

E: Forfeit Wins and Make-Up Matches

Forfeit wins should be reported as 1 - 0.

There are no make-up matches for this tournament. You move to the next round if you receive a forfeit win.

Section 4: Unique Indentifiers

Battlefield 4 will use the last 8 characters of your Punkbuster ID as the Unique Indentifier.

Each player on a team is required to have entered a unique identifier into their profile in order to be eligible to play in an official match of the Championship Gaming League. Players may enter their Unique Identifier at any time.

The CGL has placed the responsibility of enforcing this rule into the hands of the teams. Therefore, an issue must be resolved prior to the start of the match by the enforcing team. In the event that a team is uncooperative regarding this rule, a dispute via a support ticket should be issued to the CGL.

The Championship Gaming League will always side with a match being played if at all possible. In the event that a team is unable to comply with this rule, the team being enforced upon will receive a forfeit loss that will not be allowed to be made up unless played against the enforcing team at a later date. The enforcing team will receive a forfeit win with the ability to make-up their match against other available opponents in the league.

Section 5: Cheating

The Championship Gaming League reserves the right to deem any act or software used in conjunction with match play as cheating. Anyone who deemed as cheating by Punkbuster will not be allowed to participate in the Championship Gaming League.

Our admins will rule situations on a case by case basis when a dispute is made. Teams must provide a valid source of proof that a player is cheating before action will be taken. In the event that a team is caught with someone cheating on their team, all previous matches where the player had participated will be turned to forfeit losses. The teams opponent will receive a forfeit win that will be allowed to be made-up, if possible.

Section 6: Scheduling

The Championship Gaming League (CGL) uses an automatic scheduling system with the focus on pairing up teams that are evenly matched, if at all possible.

We value the fact that any teams participating on our league have a desire to play matches each week. With that being, on occasion teams may possibly play the same team twice throughout the season. The CGL tries to ensure, however, that matches are spread out and you play someone different each week. At times, this may be unavoidable. If you are in this situation and you wish to be rescheduled against someone else, you should submit a support ticket.

Scheduling is completed automatically, therefore new schedules will be posted every week at 11:59PM of the following day of the default day. Example, if matches are by default played on Thursday, schedules will be posted at 11:59PM on Friday for the following week.

Teams joining the league later into the season can expect to receive bye's their initial week into the league unless there is an opponent available. Scheduling is consistently done throughout the week for teams who may join closer to the default time. No matches will be completed after 11:59PM the day prior to the default day. Example, if matches are by default played on Thursday, you should not expect your team to be scheduled after 11:59PM on Wednesday.

Section 7: Rating Points Index

The Championship Gaming League (CGL) uses an automatic rating system known as the Rating Points Index (RPI). This is a custom built formula that values several factors. It gives you points for specific results. Various testing has been done to make all rating done fairly and accurately.

RPI puts emphasis on several things, but in particular order, the value is primarily on wins first, rounds for and rounds against second, with strength of schedule (factoring in your opponents and your opponents opponents) separating teams who have similar records and round wins / losses.

In an effort to reward teams for participating in the league, teams who enter into the league late and do not make-up matches will receive a significant penalty on their score. As well, teams with forfeit wins will notice their rank go significantly lower in an effort to ensure those teams that participate in the entirety of a season have a fair chance of making it to the playoffs.

Section 9: Rules Change Log