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Postpone Scheduling

Due to matches not being able to be played at the default time and pushing them back days behind schedule, we need to go ahead and postpone matches. In an effort to allow Team Awakening and Clerks to play their match on Sunday (11/17), the following round (Round 4) will be played on Thursday, 11/21. We will then schedule the championship match and allow the two final teams to work around Thanksgiving based on their schedules.

Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2013

China Rising Weapons

For the sake of the unknown on the status of China Rising weapons, we will go ahead and state that they are not allowed in competitive play for the remainder of the tournament. We will reevaluate this for our next event. If both teams agree to go ahead and use them, then this is fine with us. The attempt to keep all matches fair we will publicly state that China Rising weapons are not allowed in competitive play at this time.

Posted on Friday, November 15, 2013

Postpone Matches

UPDATE: We have redone the schedules doing our best with redoing the seeding for round two. All teams have a match. We will still allow teams until Wednesday, 11:59pm CST to complete the match for round two. We would encourage teams to go ahead and play the matches tonight if at all possible.

My policy is to be as transparent as possible. Due to me messing things up with the database and needing to restore some information (hence the bracket being broken) we will have to postpone the matches for tonight. Right now I am going through the process of having the bracket restored and this may take several hours. Due to us testing out the system and seeing some issues that need to be corrected, we could use the additional time to get the problem resolved. Again, this tournament is about checking our system. Please note that information is secure and the site was not compromised, this was purely a mistake on my part when going to do 2nd round schedules. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2013

Matches, GUID’s, and Shoutcasting

We have completed our randomly seeded bracket. Please note that due to the number of teams there were several byes for the first round. If you are scheduled for a bye your team will be automatically moved and scheduled for the second round. Please note that our policy is that it is the teams responsibility to verify PB GUID’s / Unique Identifiers prior to game time. Many teams lack having their unique identifiers posted. All teams should be cautious that some teams may prefer not playing an opponent without their GUID’s posted. This could potentially lead to a forfeit win for your opponent. If teams decide to play knowing that their opponents Unique Identifiers have not been listed, you may not submit a match dispute after the fact. This must be brought up prior to match time. We ask teams be reasonable with one another and play the matches if possible.

We would also like to welcome Matthew “m3ss” Tomlinson to our staff. He is currently taking the responsibility of some of the media related content that will be posted here on our website. Ideally, he will be shoutcasting a few of the matches throughout the course of the Battlefield 4 5v5 Defuse Tournament. We ask that teams who are chosen as a featured match be willing to work with him on scheduling in order to get the most viewership to the shoutcasted content. It will be posted here on the Championship Gaming League website as well. We look forward to a great tournament.

Next step for teams unfamiliar with our system:

  1. Login
  2. Go to the BF4 5v5 Defuse Tournament Page
  3. Click on “Match Communications”
  4. Work with the opponent there regarding exact match time (if something is needed other than default) and server information.

Please note that the only form of communication recognized during a dispute is the match communications system posted here on the CGL. We will not review battlelog chats or emails. This is to make everything easier on the teams participating.

Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2013

Roster Reminder

This is a quick reminder, we need all teams to have at least five registered players on their team in order to be placed into the bracket. There will also be no late signups. Currently we have roughly 15 teams who are eligible to be scheduled. Several teams have four players currently registered. We would like to have as many teams as possible. Please ensure you get your team roster together before Thursday (11/7) at 9:00am CST.

Posted on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Server Configuration, Match Play Notes, and Test Server

The tournament is right around the corner. We have had some discussions about what should be banned and we are trying to take care of providing a good and fun environment and only eliminate items built into the game that we do not feel fit well in a 5v5 or Defuse (one life only) environment. You may find our our server config and match play notes in the rules section. Below are some of the match play notes as we want to ensure teams are clear on the rules before matches begin.

Match Play Notes:
- Limit of one recon class per team
- No enemy sensor gear (T-UGs, MAV, Motion Sensors, etc)
- No Explosives except for throwable grenades (Claymores, C4, m320, rocket launchers, etc.)
- No slugs
- No M26 MASS

Also, in an effort to utilize the servers they have supported this tournament with, we have opened the doors to them for public use except for match days. The servers will be running the upcoming map from our map list as well as staying on Defuse mode. We would like to fill it up with competitive players who want to gain a little extra practice and familiarity with the competitive mode in Battlefield 4.

CGL Server #1 – A Server
CGL Server #2 – A Server
CGL Server #3 – A Server

Posted on Monday, November 4, 2013 Officially Supports Battlefield 4 Tournament

We are extremely happy to announce that will be officially helping us with our Battlefield 4 tournament. We know that several teams may or may not have servers. In an effort to attract teams who may be lacking the financial support they need to purchase a server, but still with an interest in participating, has donated three Battlefield 4 servers to be played on by teams without servers.

The Battlefield 4 servers are hosted in Chicago, IL. Please submit a support ticket or make note in match comms once schedules are completed on November 7, 2013 if you need access to a server for your match. Please note that we will have the servers up to date with the official CGL server config that will be coming out soon as well. We will also provide teams with remote admin access in order to restart rounds as necessary.

Please do our community a favor by supporting the companies that are showing interest in supporting us. You can start by purchasing you servers from

Posted on Friday, November 1, 2013

Important Dates for Battlfield 4 Release Tournament

The Championship Gaming League is gearing up for the Battlefield 4 Release Tournament. Due to this being a release tournament we know teams will be needing to recruit and get their teams filled relatively quickly. With that said, in order to make the tournament a success we need to keep the rules reasonable enough so that we can get the maximum number of teams and participants as possible. We will be more strict as we move into a full season. Below are still a few important dates you need to know.

#1: Round One Schedules – November 7, 2013, 9:00am CST

To allow the maximum number of teams to register we will not be completing schedules until the morning of match day for round one. The bracket will be populated randomly in order to keep a level playing field for all participants. We understand a schedules being posted late could potentially cause some match communication issues. We ask that all teams be aware that even though schedules will be posted this close to match time that they work with us on getting the matches played in a reasonable time frame. We need all matches played within one day of the schedules in order to stay on pace for the tournament schedule.

No teams will be able to enter the tournament after schedules have been completed.

Teams must have at least 5 members on their team to be scheduled.

#2: Roster Locks – November 11, 2013, 9:00am CST

In an effort to maximize the amount of teams able to participate and to ensure the tournament is played out we want to maximize the amount of time players can get registered on teams. We will allow teams to recruit and add players to their teams up through round two. The day after round two of the tournament, we will go ahead and lock the rosters and teams must play with those on their roster until the end of the tournament.

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Battlefield 4 Tournament – Open For Signups

The Championship Gaming League (CGL) will be holding a Battlefield 4 tournament soon after the release. We believe that Battlefield 4 may help stimulate a growth in interest in the competitive scene for the Battlefield series. The CGL welcomes any 5v5 Defuse team to participate in our tournament.

The intentions behind having a tournament so early on is to quickly grow the scene and hopefully help stimulate a competitive atmosphere early on. The hope is that the tournament will not only help stimulate that growth but bring the community together to help guide and direct a ruleset that is standardized across the community.

We hope at the end of the tournament we will have a better grasp on server configuration settings, a standardized rule set the community will be able to agree upon, and hopefully a push for a more active Battlefield 4 community. We hope that you will participate. Please visit our forums if you would like to make suggestions or contribute to the tournament.

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013