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Battlefield 4 5v5 Defuse League – Open for Sign-ups

We would like to reopen our doors for a 5v5 Defuse League for the Battlefield 4 community. Below are a few notes in changes we would like to make from our tournament until now. We want to certainly publicly recognize some necessary changes and makes comments regarding our reasoning behind certain things.

#1: Scheduling

The Championship Gaming League is really built on “leagues”, hence the name. When the website was developed it was developed first and foremost with league play in mind. Therefore, when we went into the tournament we wanted to really push the tournament quickly in an effort to test out rules and get to league play as quickly as possible. This caused some heavy scheduling conflicts as teams were playing their matches 1-2 days later than scheduled. With two matches per week, this caused us to wait to complete schedules for following rounds. With a schedule where we are playing one match per week, we feel we can avoid the scheduling conflicts we had during the tournament.

#2: South American Teams

We really did enjoy having South American teams involved in the tournament. Unfortunately, with the net code situations in Battlefield 4 several teams did not want to have to play against South American teams. The ping differential even made it that much more difficult. We still would like South American teams to participate because the focus of the CGL is to grow the eSports community. The more teams and participation we have the easier it will be to back our community with prizes and additional funding. Eliminating teams, despite the recognition that it can potentially cause some issues in-game, will be allowed to participate in the regular season, but will not be scheduled for playoff play. North American teams will automatically be given the right to choose what server the match is played on during the regular season if scheduled against a South American team. We realize many teams had strong opinions one way or the other, and I feel like excluding teams in an already small market is not the best decision. It did not go without talking with many of the top teams from the tournament.

#3: Encouraging Community Participation

We believe there is a large gap between the existing competitive players / teams and those players still in the community possibly looking for teams. We are making our way towards a larger marketing effort to approach players and teams that may not currently be involved in the competitive scene. We are asking for your help here. If we want this community to grow, we need your help in spreading the word to teams you see playing.

#4: Additional Active Administration for CGL Web Updates and Decisions

I am very happy with our current list of administrators here at the CGL. I still feel like we could use additional help in terms of just being active and being available on battlelog during match days. If this is something you would like to do, simply send me an email or contact me on battlelog. Admins are chosen on a basis of activity and good decision making on an individual basis. Not all people are suited for admin responsibilities.

#5: Defuse vs Other Modes

This was a tough decision but after looking at Defuse and how it all played out, we recognize there are some bugs. We hope that EA/DICE will make necessary changes for it to become even more viable than it already is. However, after looking at other modes we still feel like in a 5v5 setting, Defuse is still our best option. The 10v10 community is still too small in order to support a league and Defuse will allow for newer teams to be able to field teams with only minimal effort in recruitment. We hope to see new teams and we feel as though Defuse still is the best suited mode for competitive play in comparison to other options currently available.

We look forward to seeing a great competitive league in 2014 for Battlefield 4!

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