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Battlefield 4 eSports Game Mode of Choice

I am going to attempt to use the Gaming News portion of this website to spur some interesting conversations and general thoughts about the Battlefield series but also to give my own personal thoughts an initiate some conversations that the North American scene need to have in order to be successful. There are a few areas that I feel like the competitive Battlefield scene have been plagued by for years now and it is time to make some necessary changes in order for it to be successful. Please note that this does not particularly mean that we will be making these changes at the CGL without allowing the community to provide their own feedback.

So, What Game Mode will BF4 eSports feature?

Especially now more than ever, the game mode for the competitive scene has been split. During the Battlefield 1942 era 12v12 Conquest was considered the norm. In fact, there were numerous teams who were able to pull it off. 8v8 was considered the lesser quality teams at the time. That quickly changed as the series moved along. The 8v8 scene became much more dominate as the game allowed for much more serious play in an 8v8 environment with the way the maps were constructed. Finally, we get to Battlefield 3, where 4v4 Squad Rush was by far the most valued league we ran here at the Championship Gaming League. We had over 60 teams participating at one point if I remember correctly.

Defuse is also based on infantry combat, and lets you join a team of Attackers trying to plant a bomb, or a group of Defenders trying to prevent their opponents’ explosive ambitions. Skill is essential; if you die, you have to wait until the next round to respawn. This gives the gameplay a thrilling edge and makes Defuse ideal for high-level players.

I think what we will see with Battlefield 4 eSports, is something much different than what we have seen in the past. I think BF3 suffered some in terms of longevity because it never really had a long lasting viable competitive scene. What we really need from the community in general is something we can agree upon. One of two things could potentially happen and its easy to see at this point. A) A divided community or B) the community decides that they will go where the competition is regardless of number of players or format.

The first option is really a big possibility, especially with the removal of squad rush and addition of both domination and defuse. I think that was actually a good move from EA for BF4, but the community is really going to have to decide. Is Battlefield 4 going to make a transition to a more viable format like Defuse? Or, will we be stuck in older modes like Conquest that requires each team to have far more members, and likely end up with far less teams? Often times, from the outside, that is a direct correlation to the activity level of a competitive scene.

The second option is something that I hope will happen. I think there are so many older games out there and the PC gaming scene has not had a good FPS in quite sometime. I think everyone is looking for something else that will be a break out game. The addition of the Defuse mode could attract a lot of old school competitive gamers that want that simplicity format from the old Call of Duty or even Counter-Strike days. We are hoping that Battlefield 4 has done a good job of focusing on this. It can be a great addition for the competitive scene. It is clear that this is the goal for EA as well. They are clearly pointing out that they are attempting to attract a competitive scene. Unfortunately right now, that appears to be a scene only for EU. It seems we will be on our own in the North American scene for now until we can show EA we add value to that competitive environment.

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