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Diablo 3 Reported To Be Beat in Just 7 Hours

Interestingly enough, there are reports that the highly anticipated Diablo 3 was beat in a matter of handful of hours. Seven to be exact. Both a Korean team made up of four players as well as a Chinese team posted screenshots of beating the infamous Diablo end-game character. While this would be a huge feat, it would also be a huge disappointment for the many gamers that spent so long waiting for this game.

For most sequels of popular games nowdays, you tend to wait maybe 3 years, and sometimes, like the Call of Duty series, less than a year. Diablo 3 had supposedly went into development shortly after Diablo 2 was released, which was roughly 12 years ago. A game that took that long to develop would surely have more gameplay time to offer than that.

The Korean and Chinese team, while not entirely confirmed, certainly have the community in an uproar over the issue. They may have used other tactics or the screenshots may not be accurate at all. But many people do believe that what we see in the screenshots from these teams, are real and that those taking their time through the game will likely have that view awaiting them at the end. Please note that both teams claim to have beaten the game in roughly seven hours.

Here are the screenshots (Spoiler Alert!): Korean Screenshot, Chinese Screenshot

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