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First Impressions of Battlefield 4

Unlike many of you, I never jumped into Battlefield 4 beta. I decided that I would wait and get the full experience and not form any opinions until the full game was released. At this point I have not played a lot of Battlefield 4, so these are merely my own personal reflections of the game after playing just a few maps and matches in conquest mode with a server with on average about 30 players. Below are some initial thoughts which may change as I get more experience with Battlefield 4 and experience other maps.

#1: Relatively Smooth Installation

It’s always frustrating getting a game and especially when you have not upgraded your computer in a while and the game simply performs poorly. My experience was actually a relatively positive one. I got a quick notice saying I needed to update some video drivers, but after I made that necessary change the game loaded right up and I was quickly thrown into a game. The game seemed to run smoothly for me without much of a problem.

#2: Battlefield 3 Play Style

I know that Call of Duty gets a bad wrap for repackaging their games. To be quite frank, if you disliked Battlefield 3, you would probably dislike Battlefield 4. I felt as though the infantry and vehicle combat was very similar in nature. I actually do not have too much of a problem with this, considering I enjoyed the play of Battlefield 3. I am still a Battlefield 1942 fan and I wish they would go back to a slower format, but if they intend on staying with the modern combat theme then I fully expected what I received. It was a faster pace than the some of their older games in the series.

#3: A Solid Release

EA is notorious for having issues upon release of the game. Although they have already released their first patch, I feel like they are making some of the necessary moves in order to bring BF4 back to eSports. In order for a game to be truly successful a spectator mode is needed. Also, you need to have a format that is actually possible to play on in a competitive format. I’m still not sure whether that is Conquest, Rush, Domination, or Defuse, but we can certainly see that they released some modes that gave us some options. They are going to be a player in eSports, I believe.

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