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How to Record Battlefield 3

There are multiple pieces of software out there to help you record your footage. However, we wanted to include two that have the least amount of resource usage so that you in-game experience is not affected by the recording. We all wish that Battlefield 3 would include a battlerecorder, but we are stuck with the next best thing and using 3rd party software in order to record matches. Below, we give instructions for two types of software.

Option 1: MSI Afterburner (recommended)

Installing and setting up MSI Afterburner

1. Go here and download either the beta or main version. MSI Kombustor comes with the download. Don’t run it, it’s not needed.

2. Open the program on bottom right of the window click on settings. In settings go to video capture

3. In video capture you can set a hot key to press while in game to begin recording. I use f8.

4. Set frame size to 1/2 it will use less resources (you can use full frame but its not needed). Also lower the quality to what ever works for you. Mine is 50%

5. In the video capture tab near the bottom you will see a check box for Audio capture. Uncheck that it will use less resources and audio is not needed for disputes.

In game use

1. While in game you will see your FPS in the upper left hand corner. This is how you know that MSI is working.
2. Once in game press f8 or the button that you selected to start recording while in game.
3. Once started you will see a timer start that is telling you that you are recording.
4. Once match is over press f8 or the button you selected to start recording and it will stop recording.

After game

1. Open MSI and click on settings.
2. Go the Video capture tab
3. You will see browse and view button half way down the page.
4. Click on view and it will open the folder containing your video
5. Click on video to open and play video

Option 2: dxtory

Please download this file. It has written instructions included on how to install and ideal configuration. You might try this software if MSI does not work like you would have liked.

Battlefield 3 dxtory installation instructions

Edit: We had a great tutorial posted for dxtory as well, which many people are recommending. If you are struggling with MSI Afterburner, I recommend checking out his post on our forums here.

7 Responses to “How to Record Battlefield 3”

  1. JackBurton says:

    So you’re going to watch every single demo every single week to make sure that nobody is using suppression at any point of each round of each map?

    Or will it be based on whether a team THINKS the other team was using suppression and files a dispute?

    • GwiiGwii says:

      Pretty sure it going to be dispute based, just don’t be a jerk and not run the perk and all is good =] A friendly reminder before each scrim/match doesn’t hurt.

  2. JackBurton says:

    Dispute based will start making teams dislike other teams… your setting up more hatred here by making teams responsible for ratting out other teams.

    I think this is a stupid idea… there is no way to police this and anytime someone THINKS that the perk is being used there will be a dispute wasting all sorts of time and making teams dislike other teams for stalling their season.

    Terrible idea.

  3. Kevin says:

    Pretty much what Gwii said is 100 percent true and the reason we decided to ban it. Most teams in the community respect each other and there will be no problem at all with teams using the perk. If there is problem that is what admins are for and a quick review of a demo will take care of it. I know for one that if a team disputed our team pG and said we used the perk it wouldn’t make us “hate” the other team.

  4. MaDMaN1 says:

    You should also note on there that having a second hard drive to capture the footage to, extremely reduces graphical stutter and the noticable strain on your computer.

  5. Marco says:

    yes but how can i compress 5 gb? i want to upload it on youtube

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