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Matches, GUID’s, and Shoutcasting

We have completed our randomly seeded bracket. Please note that due to the number of teams there were several byes for the first round. If you are scheduled for a bye your team will be automatically moved and scheduled for the second round. Please note that our policy is that it is the teams responsibility to verify PB GUID’s / Unique Identifiers prior to game time. Many teams lack having their unique identifiers posted. All teams should be cautious that some teams may prefer not playing an opponent without their GUID’s posted. This could potentially lead to a forfeit win for your opponent. If teams decide to play knowing that their opponents Unique Identifiers have not been listed, you may not submit a match dispute after the fact. This must be brought up prior to match time. We ask teams be reasonable with one another and play the matches if possible.

We would also like to welcome Matthew “m3ss” Tomlinson to our staff. He is currently taking the responsibility of some of the media related content that will be posted here on our website. Ideally, he will be shoutcasting a few of the matches throughout the course of the Battlefield 4 5v5 Defuse Tournament. We ask that teams who are chosen as a featured match be willing to work with him on scheduling in order to get the most viewership to the shoutcasted content. It will be posted here on the Championship Gaming League website as well. We look forward to a great tournament.

Next step for teams unfamiliar with our system:

  1. Login
  2. Go to the BF4 5v5 Defuse Tournament Page
  3. Click on “Match Communications”
  4. Work with the opponent there regarding exact match time (if something is needed other than default) and server information.

Please note that the only form of communication recognized during a dispute is the match communications system posted here on the CGL. We will not review battlelog chats or emails. This is to make everything easier on the teams participating.

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