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Predictions: 4v4 Preseason W2

Project Gaming
SaGa eSports Black

Sorry dap, you know I love you guys. But at this point, there is simply no reason to root against the defending champions. SaGa has improved so much over the last couple of months. I will continue predict in their favor until people prove that they are beatable this season. With that said, I think this is going to be a good matchup. SaGa eSports Black is going to get their first real test already. It is on a common map, they clearly have good strategies for this map because it is on the map that they won the Championship on, and they are going to be a little bit too tough for Project Gaming this week. Prove me wrong dap! :P

Team Requiem
Cereal Killers

Alright Cereal Killers, I heard your cry. You proved me wrong last week against DFL. You guys are going to do well this season. With that said, you didn’t get an easy matchup this week either. We will see what happens, Requiem comes in with a 2-0 victory over a team I really don’t know much about. With that said, it tells me that they are preparing, they probably have some good shooters on their team, and they know how to play 4v4 Squad Rush. We’ll see what happens, but cK, you better live up to your talk!

Delta Force Legends
Divine is 5

Delta Force Legends… what are you up to? I gave you the benefit of the doubt last week, your history, your gaming skill, you lost! Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you get a quick and easy victory here either. Divine is 5 came on strong at the end of last season and because they didn’t play the entire season, weren’t able to squeeze into the playoffs. Divine is 5 is a playoff caliber team, for that reason, I still have to give the benefit of the doubt to Divine is 5. They signed up late, so we didn’t see what they could do last week. I think on a map like Siene Crossing, Divine is 5 is going to come in prepared and ready to win. DFL, I have a feeling they aren’t putting their best foot forward at this point. If they are, then perhaps they just had some mishaps last week. We’ll find out if this is the DFL of old or if they are just winging it this week.

The Color of Leet

tcL is a good team, I don’t know much about Violent Industries, but apparently they put the hurt on The Color of Leet last week. My suspision is that there was very little preparation on behalf of The Color of Leet for a preseason match. Why would things be any different this week? They are facing Axion, a team I wasn’t really familiar with up until last week. Axion took out what appears to be xtremesoldiers B team (maybe?). With that said, anytime you can win a match 2-0, or lose a match 2-0, that is a telling scenario. Axion is prepared, The Color of Leet isn’t, and probably won’t be again.

Violent Industries
Vegetable Eaters

This one is tough for me to call, I don’t know much about either team. Veggies, you did well last week. You proved me right, you took out B.E.B efficiently. With that said, I don’t know what B.E.B is made of. You’ve proven you can win some matches, but we don’t know where you’re going to line up against some of the premiere teams in the league. I like this match-up though, it’s going to really prove who the better team is. Axion is another team that I didn’t and still don’t know much about. I have to look at last weeks opponents and say that I think with XtremeSoldiers being affiliated with that organization, they are probably better than B.E.B. Therefore, I count Axion’s win a little bit better than over B.E.B. I’m giving Axion the nudge here.

No Mercy Gaming

xtremesoldiers decided not to play their preseason match last week. My guess is that they may want to do the same this week. Or were they scared of Nexus? :P Anyway, xtremesoldiers I hear have improved a lot. They are now officially considered a solid team. If they come to play, I don’t know that No Mercy Gaming is going to be able to hold them off. No Mercy Gaming isn’t a fluff team by any stretch of the imagination though. CZ eSports, we don’t know much about them at this point, but a 2-0 victory is a 2-0 victory. That tells me that No Mercy is coming to play in these preseason matchups. I still am going to give the nudge to xtremesoliders, assuming the match is played.

The Prophets

Nexus is a force to be reckoned with in 4v4. Unfortunately, The Prophets aren’t getting an easy matchup. Nexus though last week decided they didn’t want to play their first preseason match. At minimum, this tells me that if it is played, Nexus will not have spent any time preparing. The Prophets I think are eager to get in there and play, hopefully Nexus will allow that to happen. Prophets, don’t get your head down, but you’re probably going to get trampled this week by one of the best teams in the league. If you put up a good fight, you’ll gain the respect of me and everyone else. Come well prepared, is all I can suggest.


Here we go. We have 2 teams that both lost their first matches. It’s hard to say who is going to come out on top in this one. My thoughts are though that Xtremesoldiers with two teams likely feed off of one another. They likely practice against one another, they probably share strategy with one another, and more than likely, XtremeSoldiers is going to come in here with a general idea of what they want to do. B.E.B on the other hand we still don’t really know them. At least they showed up last week. Lets hope that they do that again, but I think they are probably likely to suffer another loss. This week is going to be a little easier match-up for them though probably. We can see them take a round from XtremeSoldiers possibly.

CZ eSports
September 4th

Another couple of teams we don’t know much about. Both lost last week. CZ, you aren’t holding up to your name “eSports”. That means business, and you didn’t handle your business last week. With that said, both of you guys played good teams last week. Don’t feel bad about it, pick your heads up, and realize that this week both of you have a good opportunity to win. With that said, I have to look at your opponents last week to determine who might win this week. I feel like No Mercy is probably a better team than Team Requiem, but I don’t know that for certain. A gut feeling tells me that CZ is going to beat September 4th in a nail biter.

Crack Clan
Infamy Gaming Black

Infamy Gaming Black, you made kids cry all around america. I thought you guys would put up a good fight against Project Gaming, mainly because of your history. Anyway, you get your chance to redeem yourself and take out a team that didn’t play in Week 1. They are scheduled this week against you, you have a good opportunity to win here. Crack Clan, you can beat Infamy Gaming Black. I have confidence in you. I just don’t have enough confidence in you to predict your victory in this match up. Prove me wrong, I will forever love you and forever hate Infamy Gaming Black.

Team Ascendancy

Okay, here we go. Two new teams to the league. Two new teams I know very little about. Team Ascendancy, while you tick me off with your name because I keep having to look how to spell it, I saw on your website that you guys have won a couple of matches convincingly. That’s good, and for that reason I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt to win this matchup. ArenaGaming, you guys might be a very good team. A lot of these teams outside of North America have done a very good job of being able to pull their weight against the American teams. I couldn’t really find much information on your team though. Your website doesn’t tell me that you have won a single match. The name makes me think you came from a World of Warcraft background, which doesn’t necessarily translate well to Battlefield 3 specifically, but you guys might have some decent teamwork. Still, lets see what you’re made of this week!

nM Gaming
Adrenaline Rush

nM is obviously affiliated with No Mercy Gaming. Perhaps this is their B team? They get their first taste of matchups in the CGL this week. First off, welcome to the league. Secondly, you’re welcome for the matchup. Adrenaline Rush, making me think of my daughters crush on Big Time Rush, you guys have your work cut out for you this week. No Mercy Gaming is not a slouch organization. They are probably bringing a team that is going to compete fairly well. I see a couple of teams called Adrenaline Rush in TWL, but none of them play BF3. Is this you guys? If it is, this tells me that you probably have some history. It also tells me that you have only a small amount of experience in BF3. Prove me wrong this week, but I think nM is going to take this one fairly easily.

Xfactors Minions
Those Guys

Those Guys are no joke apparently. I didn’t confirm, but their wins in TWL show that they are serious business. With that said, I get my first look at Xfactors Minions. I know xfactor is working well with them and we may see them do well. xfactor has stated in the Battlefield 3 community podcast that he was shocked at the amount of raw talent that was still available out there. I agree with him. If we had more people establishing teams, there is still room for a lot more solid teams to be formed. On that note though, Those Guys have more experience based on their record. I’m going to give them a nudge here, but xfactor’s minions isn’t necessarily an underdog here. Either team could win this and I wouldn’t be surprised.

25 Responses to “Predictions: 4v4 Preseason W2”

  1. Good to see additional teams joining the fray! I would also like to point out just because the reported score is 2-0 doesn’t give any inclination to how close the match was. As we discussed ad nauseam in the old forum a 2-0 victory is reported even for a game that goes 1-0 mcoms first, 0-0 mcoms second. A 2-0 victory is also reported for 2-0 mcoms first, 2-0 mcoms second. The former scenario was a very close tough, defensive match — the latter was complete assrape. And THIS is why I dislike your scoring system :) I wish there was a way to more accurately glean how close the matches were….(I do recognize the fact that a 2-1 reported score indicates a very close match no matter how you slice it but you still can’t tell if it was defensive or offensive in nature).

    • PHPGator says:

      Yeah, I understand! It has everything to do with the RPI and ranking teams appropriately. The MCOM scenario just isn’t typical for most games where you can have 3-1, 4-2, 8-6, and all sorts of different scores. When you are factoring those numbers in and trying to use mathematics but keep it consistent across all divisions, we had to opt to go with a 1-0, 2-0, or 2-1 reporting system.

      With that said, I recognize that not all 2-0 victories were very decisive victories, my assumption is a lot would be. I think like last season, we will see it even out by the time the season ends and the right teams will be in the playoffs. :)

      As you mentioned, i’m excited about the new teams. 4v4 is where it’s at this season! :)

  2. aznjoez says:

    Hey, I’m on cK and probably the one your referring to in the prediction, i was just playing, didn’t mean to seem like i was crying for attention. We’ll do better than the pred :D, Like this prediction setup idea tho lol

  3. aznjoez says:

    Also, is the match ups random or you setting teams up manually?

    • PHPGator says:

      Well, they are semi-random, based on score. The RPI system was a little bit messed up this week but should fix itself here on out. With that said, normally teams that are equal skill level will most likely be scheduled against one another.

  4. GwiiGwii says:

    You said in the comments you’re going to give tG the win over XM. But in the actual prediction it’s the other way around. It’s np though =)

  5. dap88 says:

    lol Its cool will be a fun match. We’ll give it our all. :D

  6. MaDMaN1 says:

    I think whoever wrote this had a little to much to smoke, it seems half of axion’s prediction is under Violent industries prediction. and vice versa

  7. AxionDemo says:

    You mentioned Axion twice, 1st in our match vs TCL and 2nd in the match under us with VI. I had a good laugh over it.

  8. no0gie says:

    Get the Vital Signage up in this beezy, we are in process of registering if it is not too late, elsewise we will cry tears of blood as we slaughter innocent families

  9. Pnutkiller says:

    Hahahaha it was only preseason , well beat pG when it counts ;P and well give it another shot , we promise not to disappoint

  10. aznjoez says:

    Hopefully my try underwear ships in time for the regular season!

  11. GwiiGwii says:

    Hey PHPGator, there is a thread over on bf3esports about the possibility of banning the suppression perk. You should look into it =]

    • AxionDemo says:

      Hi Gwi, I’m wondering if DICE will fix this due to all the feedback its getting.

      • ENDURANCExx says:

        I think they already said they are looking into it. Mentioned they “over did it” a bit. They tried to get it so, if someone is in a window and you shoot the wall beside them, they would get suppressed somewhat.

  12. JackBurton says:

    BF3 devs have already admitted to the ridiculous supression. They are working on a fix.

  13. AxionDemo says:

    wonder if the guy who came up with that genius idea is getting made fun of around the office or got fired. They should really test these patches on the competitive community first to get some solid feedback.

  14. ENDURANCExx says:

    Who wrote these predictions? you owe me some lovin’. ;D

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