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Predictions: 4v4 Week 1

Those Guys
The Color of Leet

If I am not mistaken (sorry, preseason got deleted before I did these predictions) these teams met up in Preseason and Those Guys won. Those Guys actually surprised me and I know they are a pretty good team. With that said, I still have some faith in The Color of Leet. I think they were taking it easy and cruising through the preseason, and they might pick up their desire to win this week since this is now officially the regular season. With that said, I still think Those Guys are going to win this match up (again?).

A Different Kind fL-Kobra

This is definitely the match up of the week in my book. Schedules are only done semi-manually and I didn’t purposefully have this match up this early in the season. Still, it’s good to see some good match ups early and this is definitely one of them. I think we have two playoff bound teams here and this match up will likely be discussed at the end of the season when seeding is arranged. A Different Kind fL-Kobra is actually Saga Black with a new name change. Given that, they still have their very solid roster. They will take this but it should be a good match up all the way to the end.

Violent Industries
Cereal Killers

Again, I can’t recall how Violent Industries did in the preseason. I think they did fair, and Cereal Killers really went above my expectations for them. They have been around for several months and my assumption is that they have improved a lot. Both teams are going to come to play this week, but Cereal Killers, I think you guys will be coming out on top. Put some practice in, get a good jump start on the season! If you win this week, you’ll likely see a tough opponent next! Violent Industries, the Cereal Killers are beatable. If you come in well prepared and win this, you will gain some respect from the community!

Divine is 5

Well, another good match up here. Divine is 5, I think, is a pretty solid team. They did exactly what I expected them to do last week. They came in and won against their opponent 2-0. I think they had a fairly easy match up, but this week they are really going to get a test as they are matched up against one of the premiere teams in the league, Nexus. Nexus seems like a very busy team, but my assumption is that they will have solid strategy on a map like Grand Bazaar. They probably won’t have to practice much to feel like they are at the top of their game on this map. Given that, I think Nexus comes out on top. Divine is 5, if you lose this, don’t get your heads down, I still think you could make it to the playoffs if you stick around until the end!

Vegetable Eaters
CZ eSports

You know what, we haven’t got much of a glimpse of CZ eSports. They weren’t able to complete their Week 2 of preseason in time before I had to kill the schedule and start fresh for Week 1 of regular season. They had a Week 1 loss in preseason though. With that said, Vegetable Eaters look pretty strong this season. My assumption is that they are going to get a fairly easy win here. CZ eSports, prove me wrong! :)

Good Fellas

The Good Fellas are new to the league this week. So Welcome! Sorry you have to go up against a well established team like Crimson. Crimson is going to come in and probably thrash your face. It’s okay though, we know you mom’s love you and that’s what’s important, right? Seriously though, Crimson is probably going to win this one pretty easily, but Good Fellas, put your best foot forward and make a name for yourself here.

Xfactors Minions
nM Gaming

If I remember correctly, neither of these teams specifically had a good showing. All I know for sure is that Xfactor’s Minions disappointed me. I’d imagine they are still in the phase of working out their teamwork and finding out who their best shooters are. Competitive gaming is a different animal than pubbing and part of being a successful team is having that good chemistry and teamwork that might still be lacking. I’m going to pick nM Gaming here, but I think it is only a matter of time before xfactor has his minions in top form and they are beginning to get wins off of some solid teams. nM Gaming is going to probably get a jump on them early in the season here, and they will come out on top.

A Different Kind fL-Zebra

B.E.B surprised me, they actually won their match last week. I can’t remember who they were matched up against though (hopefully I am remembering correctly). Anyway, I really don’t know much about ADK-Zebra. I know that whoever they are they are now somehow affiliated with the very talented SaGa Black team which is now the ADK-Kobra team. Anyhow, Zebra will probably win this one relatively easy. That doesn’t mean that B.E.B can’t make some dents here and start gaining reputation as a reputable and respectable team. This is a good opportunity to do so. While SaGa / ADK are making some internal structural changes, often times those are moments when the focus on the game is limited and you can get a jump on them. Or, it could be the opposite, and maybe now under new management they may be as focused as ever and come out swinging. We will see what ADK-Zebra looks like this week, either way, I think they win this one relatively easy!

Crack Clan
Team Ascendancy

I can’t recall how either of these teams did in the preseason. That probably means that both didn’t fair all that well. With that said, I know ENDURANCE from Crack Clan is pretty active within the competitive community. Given that, I am also assuming the practice regularly and put in some effort to their matches. I don’t really know much about Ascendancy at all, I don’t think this is a match up that will necessarily make or break their team. If they win here though, we have so many good teams in this league that they will get a shot at a real playoff contender probably next week. This match isn’t going to be real telling for either team, but Week 2 for both of these teams are going to be important, I guarantee that!

Delta Force Legends
The Prophets

DFL, I’m not going to lie, you guys disappointed me in the preseason. Your name, while gay as it gets, actually holds weight in Battlefield because you guys perform well historically. Luckily for you, I think you are going to have a relatively easy match up this week. If you show up semi-prepared I think you win this. The Prophets, I don’t know much about you. Don’t be offended by this prediction. Honestly, I just don’t know much about you and I believe you didn’t have a great showing in the preseason. With that said, DFL is the one to beat in this match up. If you take them out, it shows that you could be headed towards great things this season. Use this as motivation to properly prepare for this match up!

ID10T Gamers
Vital Signs

This match up is a little bit of a mystery to me. I don’t know much about ID10T gamers, I know that they have been playing in a lot of events here lately. That tells me they are getting lots of practice and probably are coming into this season with a little bit of experience. On the other side, we have Vital Signs, who I really don’t know much about any of their players, but they have those 13 year old l33t names so they might be playing often as well. I haven’t heard or seen them in any competitions thoug. If they are, then I haven’t seen them and that probably means they haven’t been doing so well. I have to pick the ID10Ts here.

Adrenaline Rush

If I remember correctly both of these teams were matched up against one another last week. I believe ArenaGaming took it to Adrenaline Rush. Again, I don’t know that I am remember that correctly. With that said, I think it is safe to assume that this will happen again. On a map like Grand Bazaar after beating them on Siene Crossing you will have a very similar style and feel. You have a fast paced map where good strategies are important and can make or break a teams success. ArenaGaming is going to come at them again, and win easily… again.

Team Requiem
September 4th

Is Team Requiem the team to beat this season? They had a very strong showing in the preseason with 2 2-0 victories over their opponents. They were at the top of the standings in the preseason, and we will get a chance to see if they can continue that this week. September 4th is a team I don’t know much about, outside of the fact that they are a Brazilian team. Brazilian teams I consider to be relatively strong, but I don’t know they are going to be strong enough to beat out Team Requiem. Requiem will get a good start to the regular season here with a relatively easy opponent to knock off in Week 1.

No Mercy Gaming

One thing I do know about XtreamSoldiers is that they are not comparable to their big brothers, the other xtremesoldiers team. This is apparently where all the gingers and recruits that they knew sucked but were to nice to just cut went. Heck, they even went to the xtreme of placing an “a” in their name just to stay away from being affiliated with them. No, I’m kidding, I love you guys… but you did kind of suck in the preseason. No Mercy Gaming is a strong team, and you’re going to get blown out of the water here (if there was any on Grand Bazaar). Easy Peezy

Infamy Gaming Black

Okay Infamy Gaming Black… you disappointed me, twice! Isn’t this a rematch? Axion is going to take it to you so hard. Really, it’s going to happen all over again. I wish I could root for you, I really do. Unfortunately, you are going to have to come back strong in order for me to predict a victory for you again. I feel disappointed and hurt by your lack of preparation and wins in preseason. I take it personal. You lose this week, again!

20 Responses to “Predictions: 4v4 Week 1”

  1. GwiiGwii says:

    tG never played tCL during preseason, but it should be a good match. GL guys. Oh, and vital signs > idiot gamers 2-0

    • PHPGator says:

      Sorry man, I thought you guys had! I don’t know why I thought that then. I’m sure I did that in a couple of places.

  2. Austex says:

    Prophets are former 206th and they are quite organized. Giving them the advantage over dfl 2-1.

  3. Pnutkiller says:

    Personally im surprised by our loss but we weren’t on our best game that day , I can tell you though that we were more than prepared for crack clan in the last game and not so much for pG.And again our roster is shifting and people aren’t showing up so u cant blame us =/

  4. 1337BigMac says:

    Just remember, Xfactor Minions had gigabyte the same day and decided to forfiet their preseason week 2 match, didn’t lose. Had other priorities.

  5. GwiiGwii says:

    For those that don’t read the forums, my “Get ready for CGL video” – Please read the video description =]

  6. no0gie says:

    Vital signs gonna do it big in cgl, we got the sexiest mofos around

  7. SaGa-Dream says:


  8. MaDMaN1 says:

    Violent industries and vital will win, and maybe prophets.

  9. tG > TCL 2-0
    tG brings too much heat for these guys.

    xtremesold (a team) > ADK Kobra 2-1
    Well SaGA joined the ADK community so now their name is needlessly long and annoying……Jackburton and the boys pull off the upset in a nail biter…..

    VI > cK 2-1
    VI has some solid dudes on the team. cK turned out to be whiny bitches when we took them to the woodshed last week in preseason. They seriously complained about arch push on 1st phase seine, thats weak sauce. Nevertheless, they are a decent team and I expect a close match here.

    Nexus > Divine5 2-0
    For as much as I’ve scrimmed, I don’t recall playing Nexus but maybe once which is weird. Div5 is a solid team but I’ll go with popular opinion on this one.

    VE > CZ 2-0
    I’ve played against VE and haven’t CZ. Gimme vegetables.

    Crimson > Good Fellas 2-0
    Crimson handily and I don’t even know who Good Fellas is.

    nM Gaming > Minions 2-0
    Haven’t played the Minions, again which is weird. 2nd team nM is probably still pretty damn good.

    ADK Zebra > BEB 2-0
    So Affliction already gave up, nice work you lasted a week before imploding on your arrogance and lack of skill. Elegy comes back to his ADK folks and makes the Zebra team — and they’ll destroy the BEB.

    Crack > Ascend 2-0
    Ehhhhhh, haven’t played either team. Gimme Crack.

    DFL > Prophets 2-0
    Prophets are a solid team too, I think DFL brings a little too much heat on this one.

    Vital > IDIOT 2-0
    Guh….just played Vital in TWL Ladder, bastards and their M26 MASS’. They got us good, they should cruise to a W in this one.

    Arena > Adrenaline 2-0
    No idea about either team so reverse alphabetical order it is.

    No Mercy > xtremesold (B team) 2-0
    The soldiers b-team is playing pretty well on bazaar, much improved recently. nM is pretty good though, match will be closer than the 2-0 indicates.

    Infamy Black > Axion 2-0
    Ehhhhhh……Axion is always talking about mouse pads or something on battlelog, give me Infamy on this one.

    • PHPGator says:

      Thanks for the awesome predictions chuckin, working on a section where these can be posted in a better and easier way. :)

  10. Axion_Zero says:

    Anyone want a mouse pad?! :p

  11. GwiiGwii says:

    Adrenaline Rush > Arena 2-0 easy peezy

  12. Axion_Zero says:

    Vital Signs will take the win. Their names are too 1337 not to! ;)

  13. veCraig says:

    “Vegetable Eaters look pretty strong this season.” Awwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhh.

  14. Hop says:

    We just troll with our names, guy, we like to have fun. you can see us and our not suckage here.

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