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Removal of the M26

We stated from the beginning that we would like to only remove things that “break the game”. Unfortunately, EA continues to make changes to the game that work heavily against what we’re trying to do here at the CGL which is provide a good balanced form of game play that is interesting to watch and promotes skilled gamers the opportunity to win based off their skill, not off of limitations or unbalanced formats that are held within the game by the developers.

Effective immediately, please avoid using the M26 in all Battlefield 3 matches. Any team that is found using it will be required to replay the round or may be forced to forfeit that round to their opponent if it is decided that the M26 potentially impacted the outcome of it.

4 Responses to “Removal of the M26”

  1. relaxedfire says:

    dat dart

  2. rtmoose says:

    should only be banned when using underslung with HB tbh… but meh

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