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Server Configuration, Match Play Notes, and Test Server

The tournament is right around the corner. We have had some discussions about what should be banned and we are trying to take care of providing a good and fun environment and only eliminate items built into the game that we do not feel fit well in a 5v5 or Defuse (one life only) environment. You may find our our server config and match play notes in the rules section. Below are some of the match play notes as we want to ensure teams are clear on the rules before matches begin.

Match Play Notes:
- Limit of one recon class per team
- No enemy sensor gear (T-UGs, MAV, Motion Sensors, etc)
- No Explosives except for throwable grenades (Claymores, C4, m320, rocket launchers, etc.)
- No slugs
- No M26 MASS

Also, in an effort to utilize the servers they have supported this tournament with, we have opened the doors to them for public use except for match days. The servers will be running the upcoming map from our map list as well as staying on Defuse mode. We would like to fill it up with competitive players who want to gain a little extra practice and familiarity with the competitive mode in Battlefield 4.

CGL Server #1 – A Server
CGL Server #2 – A Server
CGL Server #3 – A Server

6 Responses to “Server Configuration, Match Play Notes, and Test Server”

  1. Jack Burton says:

    I will be adding PBBansBF4 streaming to these servers soon. Just an FYI for anyone getting any funny ideas. :)

    Please take the time to play on these servers, if you can, and report anything you see as “non-competition compatible”

    We need input and we need your smiles.

    We need those smiles… we like smiles.

  2. Drift says:

    Worst rules ever.

    • PHPGator says:

      I am open to receiving constructive criticism. Please post feedback and your recommendations to our forums. We are actively looking for people to make suggestions.

  3. Where do I actually Sign up for the ladder??

    • PHPGator says:

      Airborne, You should be able to simply register on the website, then from the pulldown menu select the tournament, from there, you should have an option to “Create a Team” or “Join a Team”. If you are logged in and still do not see it, please submit a support ticket and we’ll look into it.

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