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Obviously, running a Battlefield 4 league, ladder, or tournament requires a lot of work and patience. My intentions during BF3 and now have slightly changed. The Championship Gaming League was all hand-coded by me on a WordPress platform. There are custom plugins developed to help manage the league and make sure everything runs smoothly. It was never an easy process. I say that not to receive credit, but rather to give some validation as to why I never really wanted to partner with others in order for it to gain even more popularity than what it already had. This is not to mention the fact that I felt like I could run and manage a league or tournament better than those that had already been working at it. That may sound arrogant, but really, I feel like we did a pretty good job especially in the second season as we were able to work out all the bugs and issues with the website.

I think now, the Championship Gaming League has potential to really become a large player in the BF4 competitive scene. I think now instead of focusing our attention on the basic necessities of running a league website, we can focus on content and build a closer following. This is going to require people though. People that are passionate about contributing in their own way. Right now, I am opening the doors to those that want to see the Battlefield 4 competitive scene grown and gain popularity in North America. If you are someone that has something to offer, whether that is some form of content, or whether that is helping promote and manage our league to be the best ran league available, we want you to be a part of it.

If you wish to be a part of the Championship Gaming League in some way, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Please keep in mind we are looking for committed individuals with the mindset of running the best leagues and tournaments possible.

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