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Where to Find a Cheap SSD Hard Drive

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about SSD’s and where to find them. Right now, you are still going to pay about four times the price for an SSD versus your older standard 7200RPM Hard Drives. The benefits that gamers see with their solid state drives is pretty remarkable though. In a game like Battlefield 3 that does not have a built in recording feature, most of us are stuck using 3rd party software to record our content. The issue is that it is consistently writing to our hard drives which causes a delay in load times and sometimes can slow the computer down all together. This is where it comes into play that having an SSD, or at minimum, a separate hard drive to write to is really worth looking into.

The prices are continuing to lower. It wasn’t but just four or five months ago that solid state drives were selling for roughly $1.00 per gig. Crucial just recently opened their doors for a significantly lower priced SSD that you can still find the same great performance on! If you are looking to upgrade your hard drive or add another drive, now is the perfect time do it. You can do it for as little as $0.78 per gig.

Crucial, one of the most prolific and recognized brands within the computer hardware industry has just recently released the RealSSD C300 solid state drive. You are going to find exceptionally fast reading and writing speeds for your desktop! You are going to find unrecognizable performance enhancements with super low prices!

This drive supports the SATA 6Gb/s functionality, you will not only see faster load times, but also faster booting times on your desktop or laptop using this SSD. The amazing part about this SSD is that the m4 SSD has a read speed of 415MB/s, which is a 17% increase even over other SSD brands. Regardless of what you are using it for, the SSD is right for any situation you might need. It is a low-power consuming product that will work great for desktops, notebooks, workstations, or any lightweight construction needs. Shock and vibration will not impact the performance of this SSD.

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  1. chabwiz says:

    since you wrote this, it has yet to be in stock. SSD’s finally getting to a GB/price worth buying.

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