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Why you need a website

You may not be aware of my background, but I do have experience in not only competitive gaming, but also a broad range of experience in internet marketing. Below are some reasons why I feel like you should consider getting a website, regardless of whether you win the Battlefield 3 divisions that’s hosting leagues for a chance to win a custom website from IVGrafix.

#1: Organization

In competitive gaming particularly, there is a huge need to be able to communicate and grow with your team. I know my experience, when my teams were playing at their best people were discussing issues and thinking of them regularly. The poorest times are when we showed up 15 minutes before match time and just “winged it”. Organization is so important and I think any of the top teams like rivaL, wKa, or crucial would tell you that they spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing any losses they may have. A lot of times, it’s not feasible to have all of your members stay on for an hour after an already 2 hour warm-up and match. This is where getting back up in the morning and having websites and places to meet and discuss issues is really helpful. I highly suggest that all teams have private forums. So long as you are active, your team members will likely follow suite.

#2: Promotion

Some may be unaware of this, but one of my first business ventures ever online was to run a game server hosting company. Sadly, I can’t even remember the name of it because it didn’t last very long! I had an awesome web design, but knew nothing about promoting it at the time. I quickly found out that every team wanted a sponsorship for a free game server. I don’t know how many requests larger companies like NFO or Art of War Central get, but I would imagine it’s several daily.

The problem with most teams is that they have no ROI. The theory here, is that if I support a team, I want them to send me customers. Generally this happens through creating awareness through various methods. The issue is that a lot of teams don’t even have a website. I can’t tell you how many requests I used to receive “We are 4-0 in CAL!”. That is all they had to offer. While they might be a good team, in what ways was that going to translate into additional sales for me? Most likely it wouldn’t. It’s those teams that have websites that are updated regularly (easy updating is important) that get the most traffic and have the most influence. One thing that I thought was brilliant was XFactor’s Minions… that whole little project I’m sure spiked the traffic of their website. Overnight, the immediately had access to 100-150 additional people that they probably didn’t have the day before. If they continue to use their website and people begin to follow what they are doing there, they will be the team to be sponsored in the BF3 community. There is no reason why other teams couldn’t use similar methods to achieve similar benefits.

#3: Professionalism

As a businessman myself, I think a huge benefit of owning a website is simply setting yourself apart from the “fly by night” teams. My assumption always is that if you have a website, you invest a little bit of time and money into it, then you are much more likely to succeed for the long term. If not, if you are trying to scrape by with the bare minimum, your team will probably fail rather quickly. Not only is professionalism important to potential sponsors, but also to potential members. Look at Area 51 Gaming for a second. Here’s a team that struggled for a little bit last season. Their name alone though, their nice website, they have all the tools necessary in place, is an attraction to potential good players. It makes it seem like they might be in it for the long haul and be serious about winning… and they do have a winning history. With just a little bit of leg work, I guarantee you that their professionalism alone would attract some good players.

If you are in competitive gaming for the long haul, you want to attend LAN’s, you wish to be a sponsored team… you need a website. Let IVGrafix, a company that specializes not only in eSports teams website design, but also business website design, help you grow and succeed in this community.

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